Monday, April 20, 2009

"Problematic" Math

This morning I was wanting Q~ to hurry up with his math so that he could help me with J~. J~ had a BAAAADDDD day...I think he's teething...Anyway, I told Q~ to hurry himself on up and he said, "Mama, you know, there's a reason they call these things 'problems'." Yes, and he did air quotation marks for "problems".

By the way, once Q~ uses "the air quotation marks" to say something and I laugh about it, they get used ALLLLLL the time.
Mama, I'm finished with my vegetables, I'm "serious". Mama, I didn't actually "hit" him. Mama, I "swept" the floor, can I go outside now?
AND, the list goes on...

So, here's looking to tomorrow. A day full of "questions", "explanations", and hopefully some type of "learning". Til then, I think I'll go to "bed".

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