Friday, April 17, 2009

Or Something

Man, oh man this week has flown! It seems that I have been so busy. I will try to post some pictures of our semi-finished schoolroom on the homeschool blog tonight. I will try. But, until then, I have to get this down...

We had the cable guy come in yesterday to put in a line upstairs so that I could have 'The Beast' (my lovely nickname for our new printer) close by when I need it. Now, we had company yesterday, my SIL with her two kids. Add that to our five and there were seven kids under the age of 10 in our house when he walks in the door. BUT, not just seven REGULAR kids...we had just hyped the kids up on sugar bread,,,yes the kids call it sugar bread (Amish Friendship Bread,,,very yummy, but verrrry bad for you),,,so there were seven SUGARED UP kids and they were careening through the house. Upstairs, downstairs, outside, back inside, and I'm pretty sure there was at least one crying the entire time the poor man was here. Darn sugar. N~, and Q~ followed him around the entire time asking questions such as...
what are you doing? how does that work? are you using the right drill bit? how do you know that will work? have you done this before? where does that wire go? you better do that right, my daddy's coming home soon...
I'm pretty sure I saw the guy roll his eyes...I told myself he must not have any children.

Sooo.....all that to say this. While he was here he asked me a question of his own...and I quote: "Do you 'like' have a daycare or something?"

Yep, or something:)


  1. LOL! We had a hateful repair man here this week too. Hmm, must be a bad week for repair men...bunch of crankypants' ;)

  2. funny...look forward to seeing the new 'school room'. mom