Sunday, January 31, 2010

Number Five

Sonora's leisurely breakfast in bed for her fifth birthday :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Game of Life

Well, since I haven't posted since JULY!!!, and I have finally finished updating everything, I think I should finally take back up posting on here. I know that in the 6 months that I have taken off from blogging I have missed the opportunity to chronicle so much.

Last night, we had a sort of family game night. We chose the game of Life and with all six of us playing, it was a looooooooooong game! It was interesting, as things usually are when we are all gathered around the table, and as you can see from the look on Quinn's face, this was a no nonsense game. He was in it to win. At all costs. The little bugger took all my life tiles, but I'm not holding a grudge...

Sonora had a bit of a learning curve.

Nate was all business, and the fact that he was the banker (and a good one at that :) came as no surprise to anyone!

Did I mention that this was a really long game?

The game fare of the evening was butterscotch candies. Thanks to Harper. The entire game Sonora kept asking for one more candy, just one more candy, and at the end of the game as no one was listening to her, she finally gave up...walked over to Harper and said..."HAAARRRRPEEEERRRR, can I PLEASSSSE have a hopscotch?"

And finally, I really have no comment on this image, it speaks for itself. I would however, like to wipe some of those memories from my consciousness.

Quinn walked by just now, and looking at this picture, he said, "Ahhh...those were the times!"

Yes, indeed, these are the times...