Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

This post is for my mom, who won't get to be here to celebrate Easter with us this year. They decided to move away...:( So, Mom, HAPPY EASTER!!!

First we copied all the kids handprints and cut them out. The kids stapled them onto pipe cleaners to make lilies. Here is N~ showing you his lily up next to J~'s lily. Quite the difference!

H~ is showing you the bouquet of handprint lilies that will go into your vase...

The kids made you a picture frame magnet with a picture of the collage header to this blog. S~ is showing you...

Q~ just wanted to say...

Here is today's picture of J~.

And finally, the finished product. This will be waiting for you next time you are in town...and, until then,,,,,,,,,We Love You & Wish You a HAPPY EASTER!!


  1. Nate, Quinn, Harper, Sonora, Judah, Ben, and Beck, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you, we love you soooo much, miss you soooo much, hope to see you all as soon as possible. love you!!! mema and craig

  2. What a cool idea. Never seen the hand lily's before! Might have to use that for Teacher Appreciation week at school :)!

  3. HA! J looks like he could also be saying, "Yikes! A snake!" :) or "LOOK! A puppy!"