Friday, April 3, 2009

Hereditary Nerdhood

Well, H~ has done it again! Another tooth gone...

She is pretty excited!

In other news...

Today on the way home from co-op, Q~ and I had this conversation in the car:

Q~: Mama, did you know that my teacher actually KNOWS deaf people?
Me: No, I didn't know that,,,but did you know that your mama does too??
Q~: No sweet mama (alright I added that part), I had no idea.
Me: Well, in college I had lots of friends who were deaf. Even boys.
Q~: What? Was that before you met daddy?
Me: Yes.
Q~: Oh, and you chose daddy because he was a sweet nerd?
Me: Yep.

So this evening, we relay the conversation to the sweet nerd and he looks at Q~ and says that nerdhood is hereditary. When Q~ asked what hereditary meant, Ben, like the good homeschooling father that he is, said "You'll have to wait and find out."

I don't think Q~ will have to wait long...


  1. Harper, 2 teeth gone! Wow! You are growing up too fast. I love hearing what the kids have to say, how funny. Quinn is so deep.

  2. That's funny!
    on a seperate note...yes, 71st...