Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Six Months

J~ is six months old today!

It is hard to believe that he is already at this milestone! It seems like we waited forever for him to get here and now his babyhood is flying.

I wish that I could slow down time....


  1. Happy 6 months to J. He is soooo sweet. I am already starting to miss everyone. mom

  2. Wow -- I agree! Hard to believe it's been SIX months already! What a cutie though!! It's such a HUGE blessing to see your miracle -- and then to be able to finally see Cheri's miracle baby as well. J & O are true blessings and miracles sent by God. I mean -- I completely understand and agree that ALL children are blessings...don't get me wrong...but I know you know what I mean!! :)

  3. I know what you mean! The fact that children even get here in the first place is AMAZING,,,but after something like Cheri went through...O is such a WONDERFUL miracle!!! We like J too! He is such a sweet blessing for sure!