Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We are doing Bible Drill at church this summer on Wednesday nights. I LOVE Bible Drill! I loved it as a kid. N~ loves it too. He is very good at it, and I'm really proud to have a chip off the old, I mean really, really young block. He is so competitive, that it is a great fit for his personality.

Q~ and H~ are not quite as thrilled with the program. They don't quite have the order of the books down, so tonight Ben decided to quiz them. He threw out this question to them:

"What book comes between Joel and Obadiah?"

Q~ answers with a question of his own.


Yep, Frankie.

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  1. That funny! You know, long ago when I was working with Bible Drill, I could't understand why everyone didn't feel the same as I about it, and all should like and perform as you did. But I did learn over the years with kids at church, and especially with my other kids. Keep up the GREAT work! mom