Thursday, July 9, 2009

Skunked Up

Our beautiful inside golden retriever Lucy, has become an outside dog.

Here's Why

I question the existence of these creatures. I mean, really....

Anyway, she was 'skunked', bitten, scratched, and all around whipped by a creature 1/10th her size.

Soooo....we have had her groomed shaved, bathed, and taken to the vet. She is on antibiotics, some kind of lotion stuff that I don't touch, and she is a TERRIBLE patient. She will not take her medicine, so we have to stick it in a spoonful of peanut butter to get her to lap it down. Add to it that she looks like a lion (they shaved everything but her face and is hilarious) and she is just PATHETIC.

Alright, I'm getting to my funny kid story point. The other morning, Ben was giving Lucy her daily dose of anti-skunk pill and H~ comes outside to watch. She looks at Ben and asks:
Watcha doing Daddy? The dishes?

Uh, yeah, gross.

Take heart, if you come over for dinner, I will use the dishwasher.

The inside one.

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  1. poor lucy, and it is sooooo hot these days, here today 7/9 it was 110 degrees mom