Monday, February 1, 2010

ET Walker

Tonight Judah was walking on the treadmill (it wasn't on :) and Harper said "he walks!"

I guess maybe he does!


  1. Funny, he does bear a slight resemblance to E.T., but I think that Judah is much cuter.

  2. ET, that ugly thing! I bet he is getting around very well now. He will probably out run us all in a few years!


  3. LOL that's so funny! Judah is SO cute! I agree with Ben that Judah is much cuter than ET...however I have to admit I always thought ET was pretty cute myself haha! Logan has selected ET as the theme for his simple circuit Valentine's Day box because he can make the finger light up. Funny how he's never seen the movie! :)

  4. Janette, what a cool project! Take pictures!!